Amid the continuing raging debate over the origins of Western civilization, Planet of the Greeks interjects some vital new perspectives into this ever-expanding controversy. The author inaugurates a brand new era of archaeological detective work characterized by an uncommonly daring, and breathtakingly multi-disciplinarian, approach to ancient history. Inspired by the epoch-making revision of ancient history presented in Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky's "Ages in Chaos" book series, Planet of the Greek's main thesis is that the accepted chronological framework for the history of the ancient world is gravely flawed and that a revised model must be offered.

The goal of the present volume is hence to reinterpret the entire history of the ancient world -- through the window of ancient pharaonic culture. This objective can only be achieved by radically altering the traditionally accepted chronology of ancient Egypt. With the new chronology, it will finally be possible to bridge the gap between biblical and pharaonic history, as well as to synchronize well-known accounts of ancient Greek historians with the world's "lost history."

About the Author

Through his self-taught scholarly journey undertaken independently in the latter part of the 1990's, after earning his BA in Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa (Canada), author Meres J. Weche published Planet of the Greeks in February of 2000. After subsequently spending several years in Canada working in finance and media for leading firms such as Citigroup, AGF Trust, Microsoft Canada and Astral Media, he's currently an online publisher and content producer based in Saudi Arabia.

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